Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Small Business

Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Small Business

Selecting the ideal phone system for your small business is more accessible than it seems when you’re equipped with the right information. Let’s explore some key aspects that could guide your decision-making process.
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Key Considerations

Before diving into the options available, consider what your business really needs. Here’s how to get started.

Main Objectives

  • Multiple incoming lines
  • Call holding and transferring capabilities.
  • Customisable on-hold music

Desired Technology

Technology requirements can vary, but here are a few common needs:

  • Call queuing and failover to messages.
  • Automated responses and call forwarding
  • Integration with mobile devices for after-hours communication

Most modern VoIP systems cater to these needs and are equipped with features like pre-defined holiday schedules.

System Scalability and Mobility

As your business grows, your phone system should effortlessly scale with it. Modern systems offer:

  • Scalability: Easy addition of lines and services as your business expands.
  • Mobility: Mobile apps that integrate office and field operations, enabling seamless communication across different environments.


With technology advancements, features that were once considered premium are now standard and affordable:

Systems are available that can cater to even the smallest businesses, with costs as low as 30 cents per day per user.

How Norcom Can Assist

Choosing a system can be straightforward with expert guidance. At Norcom, we simplify the process by:

Offering continued support for system installation, troubleshooting, and future upgrades.

For further details or to discuss your specific needs, feel free to reach out. We’re here to ensure your telecommunications setup is as effective and efficient as possible.

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