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Update your version of 3cx

Hi there, I know that its probably a bit boring, but keeping your office phone system up to date is very important. Not just for best and most up to date functionality, but also for security reason. Bad people are out there trying to hack into networks and PABX systems all the time.

Its very important to speak to your provider from time to time and ask them to keep your system software up to date.

More often than not, the software update is free and you might need to pay for an hour of someone's time to do this.

In some cases such as 3cx, the latest version even allows for updates to be run automatically at a specific time every week

There have been many cases where (even and really especially older systems!) are hacked into. This usually will happen over a weekend or holiday period. The dollar amount is usually +10k of calls over a weekend! Pretty scary stuff.

Also in some cases, vendors will insist on software being brought up to date for even routine matters to be investigated.

So instead of having to do lots of updates all at once, when you need something minor attended to, it's much better to do them progressively as you go. Makes life easier for all

Bye for now

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