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3CX Version 15

Well 3cx version 15 has been around for a while now. My first impressions were that it seems a little snappier in the way it performs.

Upgrading and functionality seemed to transfer across quite well, in so far as the upgrade process. Post upgrade everything works ok, although you can get caught out if you have not converted all your system prompts. Luckily there is a pretty simple conversion tool that does the job.

I found that there was some little annoyances of things that didn't work from a management console perspective.

I also wasn't and still not too keen on the live call screen on the dashboard. I think this is a backward step. You used to be able to see all active calls , graphically at a glance. Brilliant feature. Now, you sort of only see a call at a time and only in text.

I found a work around of sorts, I use the 3cx app and go into console mode. Here you can see al calls at once and all call statuses.

Moving on some months, and a few service packs as well it is all very good now. SOme nice features like automatic updates that can be scheduled at a particular time and day of the week is very good.

I have also notice that I can do handset firmware updates on remote phones connected via internet, which while isnt the best way to connect remote phones anyway, it's still kinda cool that this can be done now.

I have not played with the linux version yet, but all in all, after I think they initially rushed this version out, the service pack updates that they have done make it a very nice, on prem or cloud hosted PBX.

I have not touched the linux version yet, so maybe I'll report on that another day.

Until next time, bye for now


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