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Smart Business

Communication Platform

With rich features and applications built-in, the iPECS eMG80

is a cost effective, easy to use system that can be tailored

to meet your business requirements. It is an NBN ready

system designed to meet the growing needs of small

to medium sized businesses.

The iPECS eMG80 is a hybrid IP/TDM communications

platform for voice and mobility services, optimised for

small and growing businesses, that offers affordable

expandability. The eMG80 is ideal for businesses that

have a mix of technologies or are planning to transition

between technologies. It can adapt to meet the changing

needs of business with its advanced applications and

unified communications.

The system is available in business and it's famous

Hospitality version.

Built-in Voicemail and Auto Attendant,

Integrated dect

This system offers the same level of functionality as the

UCP platform for smaller businesses. including voicemail

auto attendant. The eMG80 can connect

with 2 wire digital handsets, including older

Aria digital handsets.

eMG80 also offers integrated dect wireless for powerful large site 


This makes upgrading to new

technology especially more cost effective if you currently

have functional older LG handsets.

Digital handsets


Apps and telelphone line options

eMG80 also connects to the range of software apps

click clickcall, UCP clients for windows, Mac, iPhone and android

eMG80 also allows connection to 8000 series ipecss IP phones

and the new range of 9000 series Ipecs IP phones.

This system also allows for cost effective connection through

to all existing phone technologies, like Voip, PSTN, ISDN 2, ISDN 10/20/30

Click here for the detailed system brouchre

Ipces EMG80
Ipecs EMG80
Ipecs Dect 500
Ipecs LDP 9008
Ipecs LDP 9030
Ipces LDP 9048DSS

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