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Best Ip Communication Phones

Are you ready to integrate the 3CX phone system into your business?

Are you looking for the best IP communication phones around? If so, try out the 3CX phone system or iPECS eMG80 Communication Platform. 


3CX Phone System

With the 3CX, you have a phone system that is easy to install and manage. But the real power of 3CX lies in the fact that it is entirely software based. You can leverage your existing servers and take full advantage of their power and reliability, without having to add yet another difficult to manage “appliance” to your server room. The 3CX also comes with all apps for all platforms, which allow you to connect to your extension all platforms seamlessly. The 3CX phone system is full of rich features that can improve communication and productivity within your organization. 



The iPECS eMG80 is full of rich features and built-in applications. This is a very cost-effective, easy to use system that can be tailored to meet your business needs. The iPECS eMG80 is a hybrid IP/TDM communications platform for voice and mobility services, optimised for small and growing businesses, that offers affordable expandability. The eMG80 is ideal for businesses that have a mix of technologies or are planning to transition between technologies. 


The 3CX phone system and iPECS eMG80 are some of the best IP communication phones around. And if you are looking for business phone system installers who can help you integrate these office phone systems into your business, contact Norcom. As business phone system installers, our aim is to supply high quality products and services with a high level of attention to detail at a reasonable price.


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