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3CX Phones For Sale

Are You Looking for 3CX Phones For Sale?

Are you looking for 3CX phones for sale? If so, contact Norcom. 


The 3CX phone system sets itself apart with its easy installation and management. With its web-based setup wizard, the setup takes only minutes and will run on-premise on an existing Window, Linux machine or virtualized in a Hyper-V or VMware instance. You can use your 3CX phones for the cloud with Google Cloud, Amazon Lightsail, Microsoft Azure and many more. 


Plug-in an IP Phone or Gateway to your network and 3CX will automatically configure them, saving you countless hours of configuration time and removing the learning curve. Connect a SIP trunk within minutes with pre-configured templates for most popular SIP trunk providers, including end to end support from 3CX.


With 3CX phone for cloud, you can manage your IP Phones from within the 3CX Management Console. Deploy new firmwares on many phones with a few mouse clicks. Guaranteed interop with supported IP Phones gives you peace of mind when updating your phones. The 3CX clients for smartphones can easily be deployed via email, whilst software updates are automatic, eliminating help desk calls.


The 3CX for cloud comes with all apps for all platforms. Connect to your extension across all platforms seamlessly. Apps for Windows, Mac, Iphone, Ipad and Android will allow you to answer, transfer, conference IM and video.


The power of 3CX lies in the fact that it is entirely software based. Leverage your existing servers and take full advantage of their power and reliability, without having to add yet another difficult to manage “appliance” to your server room. Get easy backup and redundancy t0 boot with Hyper V or Vmware!


Are you ready to integrate one of our 3CX phones for sale into your business? If so, one of our 3CX phone specialists today, over here at Norcom. Here at Norcom, we are 3CX phone specialists and gold certified Advanced Engineer Partner for 3CX phone system. 3CX is a very modern phone system built on Windows. It can be hosted on client server infrastructure server or PC, or easily installed to cloud hosted servers including Google and Amazon. We are factory trained on all the latest systems and products and service our own clients from around Australia. We take great pride in our ability to provide our customers with top-notch support and friendly service.


Contact us if you would like to learn more about our 3CX phones for cloud or to speak to one of our 3CX phone specialists here at Norcom. 

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